With nearly two decades of experience providing professional software services, Animal Creek has the knowledge and proven ability to get the job done.  We have extensive experience creating cloud-based embedded system designs, embedded system software, and the applications that tie them all together.  What all this means is that we can help you make the best products possible and get them to market faster.

Open Source Animal Creek Technologies

Embedded System Design

The cloud has revolutionized what is expected of a product. No longer can a product just be connected to the internet. Instead, it must be cloud-centric and provide a rich set of features that can be accessed using mobile devices from anywhere, at any time. Designing such a system isn’t easy but all hope is not lost. Help is available! That’s where we come in. Talk to us and let’s see how we can help.

Embedded Linux Animal Creek Technologies

Embedded Software

Animal Creek specializes in embedded system software development. We’ve worked with the largest rack-mounted systems to the smallest of IoT devices all of which interface to the cloud using various RF technologies and cloud-centric protocols. Don’t spend your time doing board bringup and device driver development. Stop worrying about power management, boot time, and device trees. Provide your customers with modern, cloud-based products that they can use anywhere.  Just say when…

Embedded Linux Animal Creek Technologies

Application Development

In today’s marketplace, you can’t just have a device sitting in a closet that quietly does its work. You must provide access to it from anywhere, using mobile and non-mobile devices, through the cloud using the latest cloud-based technologies and services. Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, Snaps, don’t have to be confusing terms, just talk to us today and make your product special. Whether its a mobile, desktop, or cloud-based app, we’ll make it work for you (and your customers).


Consulting April 10, 2017