We here at Animal Creek love new challenges which means that we've accumulated a lot of knowledge and developed many specialties along the way.  Among the specialties that we have developed, our favorites are supporting embedded Linux and various RTOSes on IoT devices and then enhancing them with the latest AI tech.  When customer agreements allow, we open source our work so everyone can benefit from and build upon what we've done.

Linux & RTOS

Animal Creek specializes in Embedded Linux and Real-time Operating System kernel support including board-ports, device drivers, power management, boot time, and device trees (with overlays). Our RTOS experience includes Zephyr, Nuttx, FreeRTOS, and bespoke real-time kernels. We also have extensive experience with U-boot and other bootloaders.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere today and you can’t let your products lag behind. Let us help you with the data science and machine learning required to develop the computer vision, facial recognition, etc. technologies that will make your products stand above all others.

Internet of Things

BeagleBone, CHIP, Onion, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266 – if you’ve heard of it, we’ve probably worked with it. Linux, Zephyr, Nuttx, FreeRTOS – if you run it, we probably do too! Let us help you develop your IoT system, device software, and related apps.

Open Source

We are committed to the open source movement and contribute regularly to various open source projects including Linux. Open source provides many advantages such as leveraging expertise beyond that of your company so when you choose to open source a project or contribute to an existing open source project, we can train your employees on the processes involved to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Specialties March 9, 2018